Another Content Update

      Let’s update the Salmon Designs Blog: More details about the Salmon Designs core services. More complete menus Detailed blog searching More pictures And let’s unwind a bit while we look at Olympic National Park:    

Plugins test

NG Slideshow WDSlider WP forms      

New gallery from a tablet

The morning post NextGen gallery test using my art pics.  Also, 3 different fonts. The tablet makes a convenient reader & wordtext blog writer mostly.   [Show slideshow]   Here’s the MediaInstaller version with spatial alignment for reference.           I do like the larger sizes & wraps. Looks formal. Looks like MediaInstaller will be great for simple inserts & 150 x […]

Form test

Here’s a test of the new TablePress form plugin. Lookout TRS folks . . . .

Reconfigured SD

Had the superheros at reconfigure the SD site away from the WordPress subdirectory  (/WP.) Can’t say I knew it was set wrong, but they figured it out & fixed it in 10 min !! So now it’s up & running with lots of crappy text. Nice touch . . . (So far – I love these guys)  .  .  .  doughnuts for all !!   […]

Gallery trial

Trying out the EnviraGallery    The 150 x 150 sizing didn’t take.   [envira-gallery id=”178″] VS the Media installer . . . like the spacing.   I prefer media installer of these 2.  But the pics aren’t the best. What do you think??

Setting up WP blogs

More setup of their automated blog functions. Posting options Refined categories RSS Permalinks Pic sizing Avatars Δ Trackbacking Read settings Waddayathink??  Getting better ??  

Getting there . . .

The site continues to expand & develop.   Lots to learn in WordPress yet. Templates & menus are making me wiggy . . .