Hello Google . . . .

A New Morning!   We’re live today & findable through the webcrawlers & search engines.  Let’s see what changes that brings.  

New gallery from a tablet

The morning post NextGen gallery test using my art pics.  Also, 3 different fonts. The tablet makes a convenient reader & wordtext blog writer mostly.   [Show slideshow]   Here’s the MediaInstaller version with spatial alignment for reference.           I do like the larger sizes & wraps. Looks formal. Looks like MediaInstaller will be great for simple inserts & 150 x […]

Gallery trial

Trying out the EnviraGallery    The 150 x 150 sizing didn’t take.   [envira-gallery id=”178″] VS the Media installer . . . like the spacing.   I prefer media installer of these 2.  But the pics aren’t the best. What do you think??

Getting there . . .

The site continues to expand & develop.   Lots to learn in WordPress yet. Templates & menus are making me wiggy . . .

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. This is the stock startup from WordPress.org.