6 Good Reasons to Blog

6 Good Reasons to Blog

Cost A lot of blogging software packages are FREE – but even those that have licensing fees are very reasonable priced.   Hosted services can also provide an inexpensive platform to begin business blogging.   Communication   A blog lets you communicate with potential & current clients directly.  You can chat and communicate about your product or service without pressuring your client.  Blogs are typically used to make sure […]

Another Content Update

      Let’s update the Salmon Designs Blog: More details about the Salmon Designs core services. More complete menus Detailed blog searching More pictures And let’s unwind a bit while we look at Olympic National Park:    

Hello Google . . . .

A New Morning!   We’re live today & findable through the webcrawlers & search engines.  Let’s see what changes that brings.  

Imbedded video test

This video from YouTube reminds us that man is not the answer to everything.   

Gallery trial

Trying out the EnviraGallery    The 150 x 150 sizing didn’t take.   [envira-gallery id=”178″] VS the Media installer . . . like the spacing.   I prefer media installer of these 2.  But the pics aren’t the best. What do you think??

Setting up WP blogs

More setup of their automated blog functions. Posting options Refined categories RSS Permalinks Pic sizing Avatars Δ Trackbacking Read settings Waddayathink??  Getting better ??  

Getting there . . .

The site continues to expand & develop.   Lots to learn in WordPress yet. Templates & menus are making me wiggy . . .