Sales Media

You’ve Got Mail !!

All those direct mail flyers & postcard pieces in your box is part of someone’s comprehensive marketing plan.  

And it’s true online as well.

It’s one of the oldest marketing methods around and is still one of the most effective. Direct response marketing can take many forms like brochures, flyers, or bag-stuffers -but is now seen online in emails or pop-up sales boxes.  The copywriting generates an immediate response from customers. Each response, whether positive or negative can be measured – which enables the optimization of future marketing efforts.

Crafting successful direct response materials can be incredibly difficult.

There is a required in-depth knowledge of the product and the audience as well as an ability to craft persuasive sales copy.  Luckily, after 40 years of technical sales, I can ramp up to speed quickly – and get copy out in a timely manner.  Whether you’re in retail/wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, or a service, there are proven sales pieces that work for you . . .