Impactful copy always gets to the point.

Its author has ignored the desire to waffle, they’ve trimmed every last piece of fat ensuring the only words left are those that have meaning.

Thorough editing . . . That’s it.     No big secret or hidden method.                                                                                                                                  

Comprehensive editing is the only way to achieve concise copy that hits the mark.

It seems so easy, right?     Just edit away all fluff and you’ll be writing like the pros.

But hold on – editing your content is usually difficult.  

Anyone can cover a topic in 2000 words.

To cut it down to 500 words while retaining the full impact and usefulness is something few can achieve.  If your editor has a full-time job and other family and personal responsibilities, a lengthy edit could take weeks. I’m a full-time editor who works five days a week and most holidays, so a typical edit for me takes only a few days.

You’ll want your hard fought effort to compare favorably with other commercially published pieces.

Books, magazines, newspapers, & commercial blogs are all subjected to thorough edits. You could be seriously embarrassed if your piece is compromised by amateurish mistakes. A careful edit is just as important for your pictorial blog, magazine article, or online white paper as for novel-length printed books.

Edits alone can’t make your manuscript publishable.  

Editors are like coaches; they can’t play the game for you, but they can prepare you for your best performance.