Creative Content

What’s the magic little secret enabling certain writers, without fail, to create copy that entertains and enraptures?

They’ve got an uncanny ability to turn even dry and dull subject matter into engaging text you simply can’t put down.

It’s a skill that separates the good from the great.  

Ok, first of all is research.

  • Who are my target audiences?
  • Where do I find my audiences?
  • Are they primarily in social media?
  • Are they still found in niche radio?
  •  Are they still to be found in TV?

At Salmon Designs we do our own research, and will typically come up with a concept which is attractive to my online audience, & their online aggregators, but also reaches a radio audience, local newspaper audience, & outside print audience. 

So, in order to make something like this on a multi-platform campaign, you need to create a central universal concept that translates into every single form of media.  For example, something that works – like a catch line, which can be used on blogs, press releases, newspaper, poster, & TV / radio (such as ” Coke – It’s the real thing ”.)

That’s a good start.

Salmon Designs prefers creative promotion, because a creative promotion has emotional content, and that helps to convey the message and again research proves that if you have an emotional element to a message, you will communicate the message more effectively.

So, brand association get a higher rating when creative treatment is combined with emotional content.                             

Also, if you are using video images or a single image that covers the concept of your message, it will work online, theater or on TV, & even radio using its audio piece. Again, it needs to be universally targeted to the all media that you want to reach.

So, first and foremost, you need the creative content that you can apply to all media.