Are you really plugged in ???

And whats the one thing every single 21st century, successful business has ?

10 years ago, a website . . . . and now in 2016 a blog.

Whether you’re a brick and mortar store, one-man service, specialty contractor, or eBay shop, you need to have a website & blog.

A website or portfolio blog is the foundation on which you’ll build your group or business.

Having a professional blog is imperative as it:

  • Gives you an easy-access space to outline your services and create a proof-of-product portfolio. 
  • Gives you a larger, more professional business persona.
  • Allows them to also see you weekly through well placed guest posts on other blogs.
  • Allows potential clients to find you easily through the sophisticated search engines.
  • Speeds people to your door through mobile applications.
  • Makes the phone ring more.
  • Adds potential customers to your email subscriptions.

A modern web presence is the absolute minimum for a successful business or non-profit.

It’s your headquarters, the central hub to which you’ll link all other marketing efforts.