6 Good Reasons to Blog

6 Good Reasons to Blog

A lot of blogging software packages are FREE –
but even those that have licensing fees are very reasonable priced.  
Hosted services can also provide an inexpensive platform to begin business blogging.
A blog lets you communicate with potential & current clients directly.  You can chat and communicate about your product or service without pressuring your client.  Blogs are typically used to make sure that a potential or existing client can get the facts about your service without another heavy-handed sales pitch. 

Many companies want to break into new markets and new demographics.  
Blogging allows for feedback & collaborative discussion that can help you gather
valuable information about how to position products and services.

Find out what you’re doing right ( and wrong ) in your business or
with your products by just asking outright on your blog.  
Discover what you’re currently doing well or what has become an existing problem,
plus get points for effort while you do.


Do away with that corporate-giant personality that most companies can’t help but convey.  
Blogs can put a human, personal face on what has usually been a monolithic surface.  
If you let the public see how you respect & regard them, you reap the benefits of being open and honest.   
Smaller business and consultancies benefit from the publicity around their names and opinions.

Is it right for you?

purpsmBlogging isn’t for every business culture.  If your company has traditionally had an open hand with communication & outreach, blogging is going to be a great tool for you.  But if you have a reserved corporate culture, blogging might be too much of a stretch beyond a business website strategy. Still, many companies that might seem an odd fit for blogs for marketing or outreach have been happily surprised at the results they’ve obtained.

Take a look at your competitors, are any of them blogging?

You might be able to do something similar – but more effectively.