Paradise !

Built in 1916, historic Paradise Inn guest lodge sits in the shadow of Mount Rainier surrounded by stunning subalpine meadows.


For a birthday outing, we just had to visit Paradise Inn in Mt Rainier National Park, for the fall colors & the snowy summit during the last of our warm September days.


Step outside the historic Paradise Inn accommodations and be welcomed by the site of lush meadows of wildflowers in full bloom, miles of trails that lead to adventures in all directions and explore the outdoors the way it was meant to be, free from modern life stresses and distractions. You can stand in awe of Nisqually Glacier and head out to the Longmire Museum or the visitor centers at Ohanopecosh, Sunrise, and here at Paradise for more historical information and displays.

In this pristine land at 5300 feet, dominated by Mount Rainier, snow is king.

This is a special place for people who love winter and snow:

  • Average snowfall is 53.6 ft.
  • In the winter of 1998/99 1,035 inches of snowfall fell. 
  • In the winter of 1971/72 Mt. Rainier set a World Record for 1122 inches of snowfall.
Amazing place, anytime . . .