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I’m a freelance designer & writer by day, aspiring poker pro by night, and this is my little website.

I live on Puget Sound on the Olympic Peninsula,

have a great dog named Wesley,

I like a great chardonnay,

(And gettin’ lost in the gardens.)

Salmon Designs was founded in 1998, to supplement my sales career, and I have been providing quality editing & website building to businesses & non-profits ever since.  As a copywriter & editor I was sure that  I was suited well for the ‘Gig Economy’ that evolved from the Tech boom that we’re seeing still.

I was right, luckily – ’cause the sales world has changed forever.

Located on Puget Sound in Washington State, I’ve stayed small, flexible & developed experience with many different families & businesses.  I’m a provider of writing and/or editing weekly newsletters, weekly blogs, press releases, content writing, website editing and marketing communications.  And now here in 2016, I can do all kinds of awesome things for my local community as well.

Please view our services below to see how SD can help your business or group.

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Our Core Services

Creative Content

What’s the magic little secret enabling certain writers, without fail, to create copy that entertains and enraptures? They’ve got an uncanny ability to turn even dry and dull subject matter into engaging text you simply can’t put down. It’s a skill that separates the good from the great.   Ok, first of all is research. Who are my target audiences? Where do I find my […]


Impactful copy always gets to the point. Its author has ignored the desire to waffle, they’ve trimmed every last piece of fat ensuring the only words left are those that have meaning. Thorough editing . . . That’s it.     No big secret or hidden method.                                       […]


Are you really plugged in ??? And whats the one thing every single 21st century, successful business has ? 10 years ago, a website . . . . and now in 2016 a blog. Whether you’re a brick and mortar store, one-man service, specialty contractor, or eBay shop, you need to have a website & blog. A website or portfolio blog is the foundation on which you’ll build your […]

Sales Media

You’ve Got Mail !! All those direct mail flyers & postcard pieces in your box is part of someone’s comprehensive marketing plan.   And it’s true online as well. It’s one of the oldest marketing methods around and is still one of the most effective. Direct response marketing can take many forms like brochures, flyers, or bag-stuffers -but is now seen online in emails or pop-up sales boxes. […]

Latest Posts

6 Good Reasons to Blog

6 Good Reasons to Blog

Cost A lot of blogging software packages are FREE – but even those that have licensing fees are very reasonable priced.   Hosted services can also provide an inexpensive platform to begin business blogging.   Communication   A blog lets you communicate with potential & current clients directly.  You can chat and communicate about your product or service without pressuring your client.  Blogs are typically used to make sure […]

How ’bout a little moosic . . .

How ’bout a little moosic . . .

    It’s after 11 pm on another rainy night on Puget Sound.   I feel like Dashiell Hammett probably did when he had no plan & was recovering in a hospital nearby. Luckily, my favorite station up here is running an all blues program till midnight & it’s helping with the aches & pains.   Try it – KNKX 88.5 FM from Seattle.  John Kessler knows his […]

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